12 Must-Know Facts About Digital Media

For First-Time Candidates and Campaign Managers

By Eric Jaye and Danielle Winterhalter

12 must know facts about digital media speakeasy political e book for ccandidates and campaign managers

This e-book outlines some of the basic facts about digital media and social media you need to know as a candidate or a campaign manager.

Our first e-book, “101 Steps to Victory,” has already been downloaded more than 20,000 times and is a companion to this e-book. It is based on the same foundational framework as the e-book you are about to read – you can do this.

This book is part of a series of e-books and other materials we hope will help demystify the art and science of political campaigning – in order to help democratize it.

With tens of thousands of new candidates stepping up to run for office, your campaign might not employ any professional political consultants, much less digital media consultants. So, we hope this e-book can be a quick get-started guide to the basics of organizing a strong digital and social media effort as a part of your winning campaign.

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