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    SpeakEasy democratizes the political process by making it cheaper and easier for campaigns to use targeted direct mail to communicate with voters. Instead of hiring a consultant to write your content and produce custom art for every mailer, SpeakEasy allows campaigns to use pre-built design templates and their own photography and text to produce their own direct mail. Because we cut out the middlemen, you can get your mail out the door cheaper and faster than ever before.

    SpeakEasy was created by a group of political consultants who know the industry inside out and recognized an unfortunate truth: large numbers of candidates and causes were being shut out of the democratic process because they were unable to pay the high prices required to get their message out. SpeakEasy was created to democratize the campaign process and to put you in control of your messaging, targeting and delivery.

    Why choose us?

    SpeakEasy is the only product that lets you:

    Create your own mail on your own terms using pre-built templates that are appropriately designed and sized for postal delivery.
    Choose voter targets with our data tool or upload your own list.
    Design, print and ship your mail on your schedule.

    We are SpeakEasy

    This is our dedicated team who works day-in and day-out to
    bring our clients the best campaign materials at the best price.