Welcome to SpeakEasy

SpeakEasy democratizes the political process by making it cheaper and easier for campaigns to use targeted direct mail to communicate with voters. Instead of hiring a consultant to write your content and produce custom art for every mailer, SpeakEasy allows campaigns to use pre-built design templates and their own photography and text to produce their own direct mail. Because we cut out the middlemen, you can get your mail out the door cheaper and faster than ever before.

SpeakEasy was created by a group of political consultants who know the industry inside out and recognized an unfortunate truth: large numbers of candidates and causes were being shut out of the democratic process because they were unable to pay the high prices required to get their message out. SpeakEasy was created to democratize the campaign process and to put you in control of your messaging, targeting and delivery.

We are SpeakEasy

This is our dedicated team who works day-in and day-out to
bring our clients the best campaign materials at the best price.

  • Bergen Kenny

    Bergen Kenny is SpeakEasy’s Chief Executive and co-founder. Prior to starting SpeakEasy, Bergen spent twelve years managing campaigns, working on Capitol Hill and consulting for dozens of candidates, PACs, labor unions and coalitions. While working as a consultant Bergen realized that reducing cost barriers would allow hundreds of new voices to participate in the democratic ...

  • Danielle

    Danielle Winterhalter

    Danielle Winterhalter is SpeakEasy’s Managing Partner. Passionate about leveraging tech to lower barriers to political participation, Danielle helps campaigns and organizations streamline their communications efforts in order to meet their strategic goals on time and under budget. Before joining SpeakEasy, Danielle worked as a political media consultant, campaign manager and policy director. She now directs ...

  • Anna-Borsos-Account-Executive-SpeakEasy-Political

    Anna Borsos

    As an Account Executive at SpeakEasy, Anna produces multi-channel communication strategies for candidates and causes throughout the country. Having grown up in Sacramento in a socially conscious family, Anna joined SpeakEasy in late 2016 to put her experience in digital marketing and social media to work for Democrats up and down the ballot. Anna studied ...

  • Isabella Jaye, Account Executive

    Isabella Jaye

    After interning at Storefront Political Media during college, Isabella joined SpeakEasy full-time in 2018 as an Account Executive. Isabella grew up in a civic-minded family—she is passionate about increasing citizen engagement, reducing the barriers to entry for new voices in politics and supporting the next generation of Democratic political leadership. Isabella brings extensive practical experience ...

  • Katie-Painter-SpeakEasy-Political

    Katie Painter

    Katie Painter moved from the Midwest to San Francisco in 2005 to pursue her Master’s in Fine Arts, Creative Writing at the University of San Francisco. Prior to joining SpeakEasy Political in 2018, she managed fundraising and media events for a number of leading nonprofits, including: The Climate Council of Australia, American Red Cross Bay ...

  • Kate-Usher-SpeakEasy-Political

    Kate Usher

    Kate is a DC–area native and long time political writer, policy wonk and fundraiser with more than eight years’ experience working in campaigns dedicated to helping improve communities at the local, state, and national level. Most recently, Kate worked as the Campaign Finance Director for Jane Kim for Mayor 2018. For five years prior to that, she worked in strategic communications ...

  • Eric Jaye

    Eric Jaye is SpeakEasy’s founding partner. He is also the founder and president of Storefront Political Media, a California-based consulting firm with local, state and national clientele, and of Storefront Political Labs, a firm designed to craft and test the very latest in communications and organizing tactics and tools. Jaye launched his career in politics ...