Anna Borsos

Anna Borsos

As a Digital Marketing & Client Relations Manager at SpeakEasy, Anna produces multi-channel communication strategies for candidates and causes throughout the country.

Having grown up in Sacramento in a socially conscious family, Anna joined SpeakEasy in mid 2016 to put her experience in digital marketing and social media to work for Democrats up and down the ballot.

Anna studied Marketing at the University of San Francisco and uses her knowledge to execute top-tier marketing and social media plans for SpeakEasy.

When she’s not working across three time-zones, you can find her hiking scenic Bay Area routes or drinking California wine.

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United States Capitol

It’s Election Day!

Today is Election Day in fourteen states, including SpeakEasy’s headquarter state of California. There’s a lot on the ballot, and although the 2020 Democratic Presidential

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Political Digital Fact of the Day: It’s All About Content

Does a spam email make you want to buy a product? Are you just thrilled to get a pre-recorded robocall from someone you don’t know? What about an unsolicited text?

You get the point. If unsolicited and irrelevant content annoys you, it is going to annoy voters when you do it to them.

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Digital Media E-Book for Political Campaigns and Political Campaign Volunteers

Political Digital Fact of the Day: Our First Edition for First-Time Candidates and Campaign Managers

If a voter called to volunteer on your campaign, you would call them back right away and thank them and plug them into the campaign—right?

When a supporter makes a donation, you immediately thank them if you want to ever get another donation from that supporter—and keep a friend. When someone leaves you a voicemail, you work hard to return that call the very same day. When you talk to voters, you try to remember the names of spouses, where the kids go to school and what they mentioned when you knocked on their door last.

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