Campaign Media Best Practices

Does SpeakEasy have any additional resources to help me with my campaign?

Our technology helps you create and deploy powerful digital media and direct mail quickly and efficiently. That’s vital! But, the best campaigns also make sure that strong messages are delivered through every channel: phones, door-to-door, texting, peer-to-peer, and, most importantly, by the candidate herself.

SpeakEasy’s co-founders have written three free e-books designed to help you employ these campaign-tested best practices in your run:

  1. 7 Key Components of Effective Political Mail
  2. 101 Steps to Victory: Run for Office and Win
  3. 12 Must-Know Facts about Digital Media for First-Time Candidates and Campaign Managers

Our blog is also being updated weekly with content to help you win your campaign. Be sure to check it out for more information.

What does a good campaign video look like?

An effective campaign video is 10 – 30 seconds and tells a clear and concise story that your voters will remember. For more tips on how to record a great campaign video, please check out our “5 Best Practices for Creating a Campaign Video” blog.

Does SpeakEasy recommend sticking to one type of ad for my campaign or running digital and direct mail ads?

SpeakEasy Political offers candidates and campaign managers access to a proven best practice using multi-channel buying strategies. Using our platform, we can help you put together the type of campaign that will use banner ads, pre-roll video, direct mail, and other tools to make sure your voters hear your story.

Using a single channel, like Facebook ads, can mean you don’t reach enough of your target audience. Almost all winning campaigns use the multi-channel buying approach that SpeakEasy Political makes possible for campaigns of all sizes.

I’m already running a campaign with TV, radio, lawn signs and bumper stickers. Why should I run a digital campaign?

Digital advertising is the most targeted and most cost-effective way to reach the right voters.

SpeakEasy Political is the only online advertising solution for Democratic political candidates, causes, and ballot initiatives that integrates digital media, voter data, and direct mail. Most of the very best and most modern political digital advertising campaigns are also using targeted direct mail to extend audience reach. And small campaigns or micro-targeted efforts within larger campaigns can now use a proven best practice: multi-channel campaigning.

What information should I include in my ad piece?

Make sure your ad piece is straight to the point to ensure people click through to get to your landing page. Use thoughtful text and imagery to engage your audience to see the most effective results. The most effective pieces of direct mail or digital media share three things in common:

  1. An eye-catching visual
  2. A clear message
  3. A direct call to action (for example, “Vote on Tuesday!” or “Sign up to be a part of my campaign for stronger schools!”)

Who has SpeakEasy worked with in the past?

SpeakEasy Political has worked with hundreds of individual campaigns up and down the ballot in addition to large labor unions, such as CWA, and state parties, such as The Democratic Party of Oregon.

How often does SpeakEasy update or add new templates to their platform?

Our design team is always working on new banner ad and mail piece templates. We add to the template gallery weekly, and if you have any suggestions for templates you’d like to see, please send us an email at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you!

Where can I find more resources on how to run a digital campaign?

We want to make sure our clients know how to build a winning campaign from day one to Election Day. Check out SpeakEasy’s Campaign Playbook for more information on how to run a successful campaign!

What types of ads has SpeakEasy found to be most effective in the past with previous campaigns?

Using SpeakEasy’s template interface, we make it easy to see the most popular templates being customized by clients and consultants across the country. Please navigate to our digital template builder to see the “Client Favorites” and “Consultant Favorites.”

Why is SpeakEasy more affordable than other political consulting agencies?

Right now, almost all political consultants charge fees for each piece they create for campaigns.

These fees range from $500 for a simple banner advertisement to up to $7,500 for a single direct mail piece. SpeakEasy eliminates these fees and negotiates volume discounts, meaning a substantial discount for campaigns. SpeakEasy also eliminates the cost of hiring expensive digital media buying agencies and direct mail production companies.