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Just Say Nyet

Free and fair elections are a pillar of American democracy – and the recent news confirming Russia’s interference in our

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Political Digital Fact of the Day: Many Subjects – But One Message – for Your Political Online Campaign Strategy

We have worked hard to present to you just how simple this really is. But, here’s the hardest part of running a coherent online campaign.

You are telling a story in many, many parts—and it is easy for you to get lost in all this and forget to help your voters hear a coherent narrative. If you are getting lost, just imagine how the voters feel.

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Political direct mail
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Political Digital Fact of the Day: Digital Revived Direct Mail for Campaigns

Because it can be targeted, because it can allow voters to respond immediately, and because it is in general a lower-cost tool than traditional advertising, digital ads are taking off in politics and are a larger and larger portion of a winning campaign’s overall budget.

But be careful. You need to consider your “media mix”.

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