Media Strategies

A comprehensive digital media management portal for Democratic consultants, campaigns, and brands.

The Media Studio

SpeakEasy Studios serves as a strategic extension of our clients’ visions. We offer a flexible suite of services to support highly - effective media programs.

From planning to execution, and with critical
insights for campaign analysis - the Media Studio puts the dynamic tools used by agencies and ad buyers in your hands.

With access to premium inventory, voter & consumer data segments, and a simple, stream-lined interface - you can launch dynamic, multi-channel media programs from one seamless strategy center.

Supported by our media team, ad strategists, and robust data partnerships - but without the hassle of long email chains and complicated budget spreadsheets - the SpeakEasy Media Studio is both human powered, and tech-enabled.

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Digital Display Ads

Online Video Ads

Voter Data

Leading Media Relationships

Household Targeting

1-1 Voter Targeting

About Our team

Our partners, senior staff, and media buyers have successfully placed over $10,000,000 for Democratic candidates and causes over the last 2 cycles.

We launched this portal to make it easier for consultants
and causes to launch digital programs that move
audiences, manage reputations, and win campaigns.

Our team brings together the expertise of strategists, designers, and media buyers to launch and optimize audience-moving media campaigns.

From winning political campaigns to spearheading multi-channel media programs for Fortune 500 companies, our team’s deep expertise helps our partners achieve and exceed their goals.