This Nomination Can’t Stand

If you care about a woman’s right to choose – or a fair U.S. Supreme Court in the years to come – the news today couldn’t be worse. President Donald Trump has just nominated a strongly partisan and anti-choice candidate for the court – and if confirmed, he will be defining our rights for decades to come.

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History has shown that acting fast is key to building a strong list online after a major news event. Act now to grow your lists quickly so you are ready to help fight back when this nomination is considered by the Senate.

It only takes 20 minutes to adapt and place these new banners, and we’re here to help if you get stuck.

SpeakEasy Digital is dedicated to making it faster, easier, and less expensive for Democratic candidates and causes to stand up and speak out. Please take a look – and take action – as soon as you can.

Team Speakeasy