Glossary and Useful Industry Terms

Ad Templates

Professionally designed ads that you can customize with different messages, fonts, images, colors and more.

Banner Ads

Graphics we place on websites that click-through to our customers’ campaign sites.

Campaigns / My Campaigns

Individual sets of ads targeted to unique sets of voters, for a specified duration and budget. These could be campaigns in draft form, campaigns that are live or campaigns you’ve run in the past.


Campaigns in queue to be purchased.


Final review and purchase of items in your cart.


Number of users who completed a previously defined action, such as signing up for a campaign newsletter.


Cost per thousand impressions.


Click-through rate. That is, the percentage of times your ad was clicked divided by the number of times it was seen.

Custom Ads

You can upload your own banner ads or pre-roll video ads in addition to using our ad templates. We can also design custom ads for you.

Destination URL

Website you’d like your banners to link to, such as your campaign site.


Average number of times someone in your target voter audience sees your ad.


When an ad is shown to your target voter audience. Total impressions are the number of times banner ads or pre-roll video ads have been shown to voters on our list of targeted premium sites.

Likely Voters

Voters who have voted in at least 4 of the last 8 primaries and general elections.

Max Available Impressions

Number of guaranteed impressions based on your budget, and your campaign’s start and end dates.

Orders / My Orders

Campaigns that have been purchased.

Pages Per Session

The average number website pages seen by site visitors.

Pre-Roll Video Ads

Video ads that play prior to a user watching video content, commonly seen on websites like CNN or Hulu.

Price Per Target

Price per voter impression.


The number (or percentage) of people in your voter target that have seen your ads.

Run Dates

Your campaign’s start and end dates.


Total number of times your site was visited by users who clicked on your ads, and remained for at least one second.

Spend / Max Spend

What you’ll be charged to run your campaign.


Selection of your audience who will see your ads, such as likely voters in your school district.


Campaign settings to target specific voters by state, geography, zip code, registered vs. likely voters, gender and more.

Total Scheduled Impressions

Number of times we expect your ads will be delivered to voters on our list of targeted premium sites.

Unique Users

Total number of individual users who visited your website by clicking on an ad, and remained for at least one second.


Total number of times a pre-roll video ad has been viewed.

View Through Rate (VTR)

Number of times a pre-roll video ad was watched (or completed) in comparison to how many times a pre-roll video ad was displayed.