Isabella joined SpeakEasy Political in 2018 and serves as Digital Media Director. She is passionate about increasing citizen engagement, reducing the barriers to entry for new voices in politics, and sourcing new ways to execute innovative digital media strategies.

Isabella brings extensive practical experience in advertising and social media marketing to the SpeakEasy team. Previously, Isabella worked in marketing and ad sales for HGTV & DIY Network, where she helped execute television campaigns for major national advertisers. A San Francisco native, Isabella holds a degree in Marketing with a minor in Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business in New Orleans.

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Political online campaign strategy

Political Digital Fact of the Day: Many Subjects – But One Message – for Your Political Online Campaign Strategy

We have worked hard to present to you just how simple this really is. But, here’s the hardest part of running a coherent online campaign.

You are telling a story in many, many parts—and it is easy for you to get lost in all this and forget to help your voters hear a coherent narrative. If you are getting lost, just imagine how the voters feel.

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Facebook campaign for political candidates

Political Digital Fact of the Day: Yes, Your Grandmother is on Facebook

At this point, your Grandmother might be more likely to be on Facebook than your 18-year-old niece. They can both vote. So the idea that social media is just for young voters just isn’t borne out by the facts.

Young people are increasingly opting out of traditional cable and watch less and less traditional broadcast television, which means social and digital media are more and more vital for reaching voters under age 40. But that doesn’t mean older voters are not on social media or can’t be reached by digital channels.

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Political Digital Fact of the Day: You Need to Be (Almost) Everywhere Online

According to the researchers at PEW, 77% of American voters are online every day. And in addition, 43% are online several times a day, while 26% reported being online nearly constantly. Building up organic followers through high-traffic sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allows you to create an audience you can communicate with, for free, on your schedule.

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