[January Edition] What We’re Reading: 2024 Campaign Resources

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In January’’s “What We’re Reading,” the SpeakEasy team is all about content — how to produce it, where folks are consuming it, and which ad formats are successfully shifting audience behavior. Dive in here: 

Why vertical videos make a difference in your content. With 57% of global video views coming from mobile devices, platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram are increasingly optimized for vertical videos. For candidates and causes looking to produce mobile-ready video content, check out this article with tips on creating engaging vertical videos — including using the right aspect ratio, considering platform time constraints, and leveraging extra features to enhance audience engagement.

Gen Z loves podcasts — and considers them far less toxic than social media. SXM Media and Edison Research’s Gen Z Podcast Listener Report reveals a significant rise in podcast consumption among individuals aged 13 to 24. Monthly listening has increased by 57% over the past five years. The report highlights that 66% of Gen Z listeners use podcasts for staying updated on topics, 61% for social issues, and 82% have reported listening to podcasts without multitasking. 

How do these insights apply to campaign ad planning? For candidates and causes looking to authentically reach younger audiences, consider recording 15 or 30-second radio content for podcast ads and check out our blog here on how to try them out. 

Roku wants to turn its home screen into an ad hub. In recent ad tech news, Roku is planning to expand its advertising reach by incorporating interactive and shoppable ad formats on the home screen of its streaming platform. Not only is the home screen a prime location for viewers, but it also offers the ability to reach viewers who stream without ads before entering ad-free apps — something that will be imperative for programs looking to maximize reach and not miss out on households who are paying to skip ads.

Battling shorter attention spans: TikTok-style ad making? As voters’ attention spans decline due to social media and multitasking, political ad makers are adapting their strategies by incorporating TikTok-style shots and quick cuts in TV spots. The shift aims to engage viewers by using attention-grabbing visuals and storytelling techniques, but with longer and more intricate shoots becoming the norm. We loved this Campaigns & Elections article breaking down how shifts in voter media habits are impacting political media production.

Our team is standing by to support the candidates and campaign teams who are stepping up to run. Should you have any questions — or if there is anything our team can do to support your media planning — we’ve included the option to book a time to chat here:


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