Direct Mail

How do I get started with creating a direct mail campaign?

To get started with your campaign, please navigate to our Direct Mail page and choose the size and template you would like to begin customizing.

What is the minimum number of pieces I can order?

SpeakEasy’s order minimum is 500 pieces.

Is there a maximum number of pieces I can order?

Our network of union printers is standing by to help move your piece, so there is no maximum number of mailers you can order.

Is there a minimum spend on direct mail pieces?

No. While there is no minimum spend, SpeakEasy’s order minimum is 500 pieces, which will cost roughly $1,000, depending on piece size.

Where can I see my drafts?

In the upper right corner of any SpeakEasy webpage, click the ‘My Account’ button. You will be taken to the page with all of your account information. On the left side of the page, you can choose to view your drafts from both digital and mail ads.

Can I upload my own design?

Due to strict postal regulations around the design of mail pieces, we do not offer functionality to upload your own design. If you would like to partner with us to print your piece, please reach out to [email protected]. Please note that if you are not using our template builders, we ask that you also provide your own data.

How do I change the size of the text in my piece?

While creating your piece, you can make any text larger or smaller to fit your desired format. Above your mail piece on the left, there are two buttons to adjust the size of your text. Clicking “A^” increases the size of your text, while “Av” makes the text smaller.

How should my pictures be formatted to ensure a successful upload?

Please ensure your pictures are formatted as JPG, PNG, or ICO. Additionally, all pictures must be 10MB or less.

How do I know if my pictures will fit on my piece?

Once you’ve uploaded a photo and have added it to the template, you can adjust the size of your picture to fit your piece. You can click and drag the center of the picture to reposition it and drag the corners of the picture to adjust the size.

How can I choose the size and layout of my piece?

When you click on our Direct Mail platform, you will be presented with a list of templates. On the left-hand side, the templates are organized by theme and by size. Clicking on a theme or size will show you all of the templates that fall under that category.

How big are the different types of mail pieces?

There are 7 sizes of mail pieces that you can use:

  • Door Hanger (4”x17”)
  • Standard Card (6”x11”)
  • Letter-landscape (8.5”x11”)
  • Postcard (8.5”x5.5”)
  • Walk Card (3.5”x4”)
  • Jumbo Card (9”x12”)
  • Walk Card (6”x11”)

How can I tell what I am able to edit on my piece?

If you hover your cursor over a section of the template that you can edit, there will be a blue circle around it, signifying that the text in the section can be edited.

Can I change the color of the text in my piece?

You cannot change the color of the text in our Direct Mail templates.

Can I change the font in my piece?

You may change the size of the font in your piece but you cannot change the style of the font within each template.

Do all of the templates cost the same amount?

Mail pieces are priced by size, so all templates of a given size are the same cost per unit. Orders may vary based on the number of pieces. For a list of the different sizes and prices, visit the Pricing page.

Are there any price breaks for printing more pieces?

The more pieces you print, the lower the cost per piece. These bulk prices are based on predefined levels. For a list of the different sizes and prices, visit the Pricing page.

Where do I put my disclaimer information?

Disclaimer rules and regulations vary between each state. On each direct mail template, there is a space to add a disclaimer. By default, this section will have “Your Disclaimer Here” so don’t forget to edit it!

SpeakEasy is not responsible for reviewing your direct mail piece for compliance with federal, state, or local laws. Please ensure that you have confirmed that your piece is in compliance before placing your order.

Do I need to have a return address on my piece?

Yes. Due to postal regulations, please include a return address on your piece.

How long will it take for my mail piece to be delivered?

It will take approximately 3 – 5 mail days for your piece to be delivered from the time it is dropped into the postal stream. Please remember that the postal service can deliver faster (and sadly sometimes slower), so be sure to pace your “drops” or mail dates so your pieces don’t arrive in the mailbox the same day.

Can I add my own address to the audience list that I upload?

Yes! In fact, it is a best practice to add yourself or someone who lives in the district as a “seed” on the list. Please note that if you live in a different area than the list, it may take longer for the piece to reach you.

Does SpeakEasy send out the direct mail ad pieces for me or do I have to do that on my own?

SpeakEasy handles the printing and production process – all through our network of union printers. Once you check out with your piece, we’ll handle the rest and we will be in touch if we have any questions.

Will the SpeakEasy team proofread my piece before it is sent out?

While the SpeakEasy team will review your piece, we are not able to proofread your piece for errors such as misspellings or typos. Prior to checking out, we recommend that you have at least 3 other people proofread your piece, looking for typos, misspelled names, and ensuring that your piece fully complies with local, state and federal disclaimer requirements.

Does SpeakEasy work with union printers?

Yes! We are proud to work with a network of union printers across the country.

Will my piece be printed with SpeakEasy have a union bug?

We are proud to work exclusively with union printers. All of our pieces will be printed with union bugs.

Will my piece be postmarked from my state?

Due to our network of union printers across the country, your piece will be postmarked from your state.

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
As Managing Partner of SpeakEasy, Danielle Winterhalter specializes in multi-channel advertising, creative development, and rapid response communications – providing strategic campaign guidance and tactical media implementation to a client portfolio including Democratic causes, candidates, and impact-driven brands.

Passionate about increasing civic engagement and political access, Danielle founded SpeakEasy to support Democratic initiatives with effective media strategies up and down the ballot. Since inception, SpeakEasy’s tech-enabled ad tools – and tested political experience – have been leveraged by races in over 38 states, from school board to United States Senate.

Prior to SpeakEasy, Danielle served as a Campaign Manager, Policy Director, and political consultant where she scripted speeches, developed bipartisan policy initiatives, and executed comprehensive communication campaigns for Democratic candidates and organizations.

Outside of the office, Danielle is involved with Team Fox – the grassroots fundraising arm of the Michael J. Fox Foundation – where she raises funding and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease. A graduate of the University of San Francisco, she holds dual degrees in Politics and International Studies.