Connect with these artists to create custom political digital ads
and direct mail pieces, all to SpeakEasy specifications.


SpeakEasy is proud to offer hundreds of direct mail and banner ad templates – each designed by political consultants and graphic designers with years of experience creating media that stands out in the mailbox and online. While our templates are designed to be easily customizable, we know that sometimes campaigns are looking for a custom piece, such as a banner ad that exactly matches your lawn sign.

For campaigns looking for a custom design, we recommend that you work directly with a graphic designer to create your ad. Feel free to browse the SpeakEasy Artist Network for recommendations of freelance designers who are familiar with political direct mail and digital ad specifications.

Custom Digital Ads

If you’re already working with a graphic designer, please feel free to have them create a set of banner ads that you can then upload directly to our site! You’ll still get the benefit of SpeakEasy’s data, targeting and premium ad placement, but matched with your custom design.


Custom Print or Direct Mail

For a custom direct mail piece, please work with your designer to ensure that your piece meets all postal regulations. Once your piece is ready, send it to us via email at [email protected], along with your mailing list (or fill out this form) and drop date. One of our direct mail specialists will be in touch shortly.

Meet the Artists

Run Wei Wang

Run Wei is a visual designer with product design expertise excited about solving problems through creative ways of thinking. She has experience designing political ads and is thrilled to be part of the SpeakEasy Artist Network.

Mario Di Sandro

Mario is a typography-loving, steadfast graphic designer, UI and web designer, production designer, front-end web developer, graphic production artist, and all around artist. He has experience designing political ads and is so excited to be part of the SpeakEasy Artist Network.

Amanda Boehm

Amanda is an idea person, a project person, and someone who makes things. She loves being around people who are equally excited and want to share what they’re doing. Her ideal working environment would allow her to take projects from start to finish through concept development, design, and installation.

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
As Managing Partner of SpeakEasy, Danielle Winterhalter specializes in multi-channel advertising, creative development, and rapid response communications – providing strategic campaign guidance and tactical media implementation to a client portfolio including Democratic causes, candidates, and impact-driven brands.

Passionate about increasing civic engagement and political access, Danielle founded SpeakEasy to support Democratic initiatives with effective media strategies up and down the ballot. Since inception, SpeakEasy’s tech-enabled ad tools – and tested political experience – have been leveraged by races in over 38 states, from school board to United States Senate.

Prior to SpeakEasy, Danielle served as a Campaign Manager, Policy Director, and political consultant where she scripted speeches, developed bipartisan policy initiatives, and executed comprehensive communication campaigns for Democratic candidates and organizations.

Outside of the office, Danielle is involved with Team Fox – the grassroots fundraising arm of the Michael J. Fox Foundation – where she raises funding and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease. A graduate of the University of San Francisco, she holds dual degrees in Politics and International Studies.