Digital Media

SpeakEasy Political helps Democratic candidates and progressive causes outsmart their opponents online – and win.

Digital ads created and placed through SpeakEasy Political have already powered hundreds of winning campaigns throughout North America. We unlock tools that once were only available to the largest and most sophisticated campaigns, from proven creative advertising to best-in-class data to multi-channel ad placements through our online platform.

You can use SpeakEasy Political to create high-impact banner ads by using one of our hundreds of templates, or you can upload your own ads. You can access voter data through our partnership with TargetSmart, the nation’s leading political data firm.

Our Designs, Your Message

Digital media is the fastest growing campaign tool for a reason – it works.

We prioritize premium quality sites

With SpeakEasy Political you gain access to high quality online inventory, meaning we prioritize premium sites like CNN, the New York Times, USA Today, and other brand safe placements, rather than low quality sites that many campaigns are forced to use.

By using SpeakEasy Political you gain access to the major digital ad “exchanges,” which help power the largest online campaigns. And you can make sure your media is fully coordinated by using our direct mail tool – so your campaign has one consistent brand as you work to cut through the clutter, command attention, and win your campaign.