101 Steps to Victory

Run for Office and Win

By Eric Jaye and Clayton Koo

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A How-To Guide for First-Time Political Candidates

For many of us, these past years have been a stark reminder of just how important it is to have good people in positions of political power. Thankfully, more potential candidates than ever are taking a serious look at running for public office since 2016.

But the process can be intimidating. Many don’t know where to start, and even fewer can afford to hire experienced consultants. That’s why we’ve written “101 Steps to Victory: Run for Office and Win,” a how-to guide that outlines the 101 most important things a first-time candidate needs to know to keep their campaign on the path to victory.

We are political consultants who have helped manage hundreds of winning campaigns. Eric Jaye is the founder of Storefront Political Media and co-founder of campaign technology company SpeakEasy Political. Clayton Koo worked as an Account Strategist at Storefront Political Media and is himself a successful candidate for school board in his hometown.

Together, we’ve combined our experience managing campaigns and running for office to create this guide to help first-time candidates. We hope this guide can be useful to you, or someone you know, who is thinking about running for political office.

Thank you for running.

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