Do I get to pick where these ads are seen?

Because we are targeting voters not websites — a vastly more efficient way to target people — you won’t be able to dictate where your ads will be seen. SpeakEasy Political has taken extra efforts to ensure that your ads are seen on thousands of campaign-safe websites.

I'm already running a campaign with TV, radio, lawn signs and bumper stickers. Why should I run a digital campaign?

Digital advertising is the most targeted and most cost-effective way to reach the right voters. For more information, see our Why Digital Advertising page.

How does SpeakEasy determine its cost?

Our costs for banner ads are priced at a $10 CPM, meaning you pay $10 per thousand impressions (times a voter sees your ad). That is a fixed cost. Variables that increase or decrease costs are a) the number of voters reached and b) the length of your campaign. On SpeakEasy Political, you can set your own budget based on how many voters you’d like to reach over a set period of time. You are in control.

How much does SpeakEasy cost? I have a set budget. Is there a minimum amount I have to spend for my advertising campaign?

Yes. SpeakEasy can accommodate any size digital campaign — small, medium or large. We require a minimum of $1000 per digital ad campaign. We do this to ensure your ads are seen by the right people and enough of those people as to be effective.

I've heard digital advertising is hard. I don't have a large staff to manage this for me. What kind of support does SpeakEasy Political offer?

To begin with, our product was designed for users of all levels of experience. It should take less than 10-15 minutes to create ads, choose voter targets, schedule dates, set a budget and checkout. If you do have questions, you can reach out to our team at any time. We also offer premium services for candidates who’d like additional advising or customization.

What kinds of websites will my ads appear on?

We go to great lengths to ensure that your ads are seen on brand-safe websites suitable for mainstream consumption. Our filters guarantee that your ads will appear only on local and national websites that are campaign-appropriate and campaign-safe in terms of their content. Sites may include news, sports, entertainment, retail and more.

Because we target voters, not specific websites, your ads will appear on websites that your voter targets are viewing. In other words, once we target a voter that’s a match for your campaign, your ads will appear on the sites that voter visits, but only if those sites are deemed appropriate by our filters.

We use industry standard ad serving platforms including Google Marketing Platform, as well as third-party tracking services like and Double Verify to ensure that all your ads are running properly and that they are not appearing on sites they shouldn’t.

How much should I spend on my digital campaign? How long should I run my digital campaign for?

If your audience size is under 10,000, we recommend running a campaign for at least four weeks. Similarly, if your audience size is over 20,000, we recommend spending over $1,000 to get the frequency you need.

Will my ads be seen on Republican sites?

No. Our service excludes these kinds of sites.