7 Key Components of Effective Political Mail

By Eric Jaye and Bergen Kenny

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Direct mail is back – and it’s bigger than ever.

Media trackers reported something unexpected In the 2016 election cycle — the total spend on direct mail was up by about 6%, topping $300,000,000. In the highly competitive 2020 election cycle, many expect that record to be shattered again, and by a significant margin. Yet just a few years ago, many in the political consulting industry predicted the rapid demise of direct mail, suggesting this old-fashioned communications tool would quickly be replaced by lower cost and more engaging digital media. Why the sudden surge of old-fashioned printed materials — a form at least as old as the Republic itself?

In this e-book, we’ll cover why direct mail is making a comeback, and what we see as the seven most important issues to consider as you sit down to create your political direct mail campaign.

This book is part of a series of e-books and other materials we hope will help demystify the art and science of political campaigning – in order to help democratize it.

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