SpeakEasy Political’s 2021 End of Year Giving Guide

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The holidays are a season of generosity when we share our presence and presents with friends and family. It’s also a time when many of us consider our end of year financial gifts to organizations whose work we support and hope to see flourish in the new year.


2022 will be a pivotal year for Democrats and progressive causes. With the midterm elections approaching and crucial battles for our civil rights taking place in courts and legislatures all over the country, now more than ever, thoughts turn to how we can use our donation dollars to support the causes we care about and fight back against powers looking to turn back the clock on progress.


With that in mind, SpeakEasy is excited to highlight organizations and causes where fundraising gifts will make an impact in the year to come. Consider this our Gift Giving Guide for Progress in 2022!

Where to give if….

You Want to Support Democrats Running for Office



    • As the largest, most in-depth Democratic campaign training program in the country, the NDTC provides the training tools that Democratic candidates can use immediately, and resources they need to win their campaigns and change their communities. DONATE HERE.

    • Since launching in 2017, RFS has recruited and trained 70,000+ young progressives to run for office across all 50 states. They provide crucial regional support to campaigns, especially for first time candidates. Their work is helping to build the Democratic bench starting at the local level. DONATE HERE.

    • Despite providing the backbone to so much political action, women have long been kept out of civic leadership – only ⅓ of our nation’s leaders are female, even though they represent 51% of the population. SSR performs outreach and provides programs that unveil pathways to leadership and build community for women so they can see themselves as future candidates. DONATE HERE.

You Want to Protect and Expand Voting Rights



    • A network of 200 national, state and local coalition partners, including over 100 law firms and thousands of legal volunteers, this organization is focused on protecting the right to vote, especially for ethnic minorities and other marginalized groups, at the polls. Their election hotline supports hundreds of thousands of voters every election year, and they file lawsuits on behalf of voters where their rights have been suppressed. DONATE HERE.

    • With a core mission to defend democracy, reform justice and protect the constitution, the Brennan Center focuses on expanding access to the vote for all, fighting gerrymandering, reforming the impact of money in politics and defending our elections against outside forces. DONATE HERE.

    • Focused on defending democracy against misinformation, voter suppression and expanding the vote through vote-by-mail education and initiatives, Common Cause manages a grassroots voter protection field organization that spans all 50 states. DONATE HERE.

You Want to Protect Reproductive Rights



    • As the most high profile provider of safe, legal abortion, Planned Parenthood is often named as a defendant in antagonistic anti-choice lawsuits brought by conservative attorneys general, or forced to sue legislatures passing unconstitutional restrictions to their services. Their Action Fund powers the organization’s ability to fight back in court, as well as organize and educate on the political level. DONATE HERE.


    • As the power to choose comes under attack, especially in red states, many women find themselves without the means or access to obtain a safe, legal abortion. This national organization helps connect women to local resources to both obtain and fund abortion services from real providers (as opposed to fake, anti-choice clinics that seek to mislead and shame women). DONATE HERE.


    • This organization connects the nation’s pro-choice majority voters with pro-choice champion candidates in every election by providing endorsements, issuing voter guides and drawing attention to important races across the country. DONATE HERE.

You Want to Fight for Climate Justice



    • Understanding that the threats to our climate and to our democracy are interlinked, the LCV advocates that our environmental challenges require political solutions. Their main aims are to influence policy, hold leaders accountable and win elections – to that end, they have thrown their weight behind the fight to expand and protect voting rights. DONATE HERE.

    • This organization’s mission is to catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every sector of society. They recruit, train and mobilize activists (42,000+ since 2006). They have 10 branch offices around the world and 140 chapters in the U.S. Rooted in behavioral science research, they utilize a grassroots approach to create change on a massive scale. DONATE HERE.

    • A 50 year strong coalition of activists, scientists, lawyers and policy advocates, the NRDC fights to safeguard the earth – its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems upon which all life depends. They spearhead initiatives to hold government and business leaders accountable on climate matters, as well as mobilize actions to fight pollution and advance clean energy. DONATE HERE.

As SpeakEasy looks forward to 2022, it is with a renewed commitment to fighting for equality and justice, protecting our country’s people and resources, and helping to elect Democratic leaders up and down the ballot. We look forward to doing this important work with you!

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