It’s Go Time! How to Get Out the Vote this Weekend

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Political campaigns are a marathon – not a sprint. Whether you’re a candidate, staffer or volunteer, we know you’ve put in the work to reach your community this election season. Now that you’re in the home stretch, you can’t slow down! All of that hard work will be for nothing if you don’t get voters to the polls. 

Winners leave it all on the field. This GOTV (Get Out the Vote) weekend, it’s time to dig deep for that final push towards victory. Here’s how:

Identify Your Target Voters

Chances are, you’ve already identified your core constituency – these are the folks who have voted consistently in past elections and expressed support for your candidacy. You probably don’t need to nag these voters – they are going to vote.

But campaigns will also have a list of people who have voted inconsistently in the past and may need extra reminders and help getting to the polls. These voters can be make-or-break deciders. Your efforts should focus on reaching this group, often with multiple touch points to make sure they’re encouraged to vote through messages they receive online, by phone and in person.

Emphasize “The Plan”

Research shows that people are more likely to make it to the polls if they are encouraged to make a plan to vote. All of the messaging you communicate this weekend should focus on that aspect. Do voters know where their polling place is? Do they have a plan to get there, or need a ride? If they are mailing in their ballot, do they know when the deadline is? Make sure your target voters have the resources they need to cast their vote for you!

Online Advertising & Social Media

If a campaign has money left in the advertising budget, now is the time to push digital. If you already have ads running, keep them going through the weekend and consider switching your creative to emphasize a GOTV message. If you need last minute help with digital advertising, you can contact [email protected] and our campaign professionals will advise you!

Keep your social media posts active and focused on GOTV resources (like finding your polling place). Engage voters in livestreams, promote in-person events and encourage sharing content to amplify your reach!

Hit the Phones

Phone and text banking are great volunteer activities for those with limited time or mobility, remote volunteers, and those who want to maintain social distance. Organize phone banks for volunteers to reach target voters – make sure these voters have the information they need and a plan to vote. Software apps like Hustle and Spoke can help train and organize your volunteers to text bank for your campaign, so voters can receive your message at their convenience.

Walk and Talk

For all of the advancements that technology has provided us in GOTV communications, canvassing is still the most effective way to mobilize voters. In person, peer-to-peer conversation puts a human face on civic responsibility, and is a powerful tool for applying positive social pressure for electoral participation. 

Make sure volunteers have everything they need to canvass safely and effectively: a partner, data lists, and campaign literature to share or drop at doors where no one is home. To prevent the spread of COVID 19, provide volunteers with masks and encourage them to stay socially distanced while knocking on doors. Waves instead of handshakes! 

"Hey, wait, – I’m not involved yet, but I want to help!"

If you haven’t had a chance to get involved in a campaign yet, but want to make a difference for Democrats this weekend, there are plenty of ways to plug in! and the Democratic National Committee have lots of virtual and in person events promoted in their feeds. Whether you knock on doors in your neighborhood or text bank for candidates on the other side of the country, every bit helps!

SpeakEasy is so proud to have supported Democratic and progressive candidates across the country this election season with direct mail and digital advertising. To all the hard working candidates, staffers and volunteers – we’re rooting for you and will see you at the finish line!


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