Your October Media Plan: 3 Messages Every Campaign Needs Right Now

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It’s go time.

With Midterms right around the corner, there is no better time to craft media strategies that will move voters to the polls. And with SpeakEasy, creating effective media programs has never been easier.

This October, make sure you have messaging built around the following, important topics: 

With about a month left until Election Day, it’s important to let your voters know if you’ve received any exciting endorsements you’d like to share! Check out our endorsement focused digital and mail templates that you can customize and launch in minutes.

REMINDER! The final date to launch your direct mail campaign is October 14! If you’re interested in launching a piece before then, book a call with our team today! 

Voter Registration
Victory in the November elections could come down to one factor – voter registration. But, most voters in America report that they have never been asked to register to vote.

We want to help. Check out a new suite of Voter Registration ads that can be targeted to your voters who are not yet registered to vote through online digital ads. Pair these with a Name ID template to let voters know to vote for you!

Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
In the last two weeks before Election Day, launch a GOTV digital campaign targeting voters in your district! This last effort can help make sure your campaign is at the top of your voters’ minds as they head to the polls. Scroll through SpeakEasy’s GOTV digital ad templates below!

Industry tip: Running ads on Facebook? Facebook will not let any new political ads launch in the week leading up to the Election, starting on Nov. 1st. If your ads are already running, they won’t turn off, but you will not be able to add any information or make edits. For any last minute messaging around GOTV, use programmatic pre-roll and banners! With SpeakEasy, your ads can be launched in no time with micro-targeted data!

Ready to get your program up and running in minutes? Start creating your digital ad now or grab some time to chat with our team through the scheduler below.

Happy campaigning!

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