[May Edition] What We’re Reading: 2023 Digital Trends For Campaigns

Digital media reading list
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As digital best practices and media tools evolve, SpeakEasy is helping campaigns and causes stay up to speed with the latest landscape changes.

Our media strategists are always looking for ways to bring the latest digital capabilities to Democratic campaigns across the Country — which is why we’re excited to launch our new blog series — “What We’re Reading.”

This series features a monthly round-up of articles and insights on the latest digital trends: check out our first edition below and let us know what you’re reading in the comments!

Google Analytics 4 Is Here: Four Things You Need To KnowGoogle Analytics, a platform campaigns widely use to track website traffic and engagement, is undergoing a significant upgrade. From interface updates and metrics changes, to an increased focus on predictive analytics — this article breaks down the biggest platform changes you need to know.

Why some advertisers are reconsidering old school marketing channels – Don’t automatically count out “old school” outreach and voter contact strategies such as direct mail and Out of Home ads, especially as digital privacy regulations continue to shift. This article from Digiday explains why some advertisers are starting to think differently about their media mixes.

House Democrat unveils legislation requiring disclosure of AI use in political ads – With AI conversations happening across the media, technology, and political landscapes — we’re staying up-to-date on the latest legislation looking to regulate the usage of AI and “deep fakes” in political advertising. 

Google introduces 30-second non-skippable ads for users who watch YouTube on TVs – Youtube is rolling out changes to their YouTube TV offerings to allow advertisers to tell longer, non-skippable stories on TV screens. This new ad format could lend itself particularly well to a 30-second candidate intro piece, an endorsement ad, or a rapid response ad on the platform.  

Call Your Lawyer or Call Your Consultant? Rise Of Data Privacy Laws Will Cause Headaches For Campaigns – As political advertising laws rapidly change – campaigns across the country are preparing to react to changes in these privacy and disclosure laws. This article from Campaigns & Elections shares how people in the industry — from lawyers to consultants — are preparing to navigate these changes ahead of 2024.

Our team is standing by to support the candidates and campaign teams who are stepping up to run. Should you have any questions — or if there is anything our team can do to support your media planning — we’ve included the option to book a time to chat here:

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