Setting up Your Political Campaign Social Media Accounts

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For many candidates, one of the first items on the “campaign launch checklist” is to create or update campaign social media profiles. Throughout your campaign, your online community will help share updates, gather support, and aggregate a group of people who are invested in you and your campaign. 

Below, we’ve included the “how-to” links for each of the top four recommended channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, as well as some of our team’s favorite ways to leverage a strong social media presence to power your winning campaign!

Getting started on social media:

How to create a Facebook page 

How to create an Instagram account

How to create a Twitter account

How to create a Youtube account

Campaign Playbook Tip: Even if you already have accounts on these platforms, it’s a great idea to create a specialized campaign account, such as “Isabella Jaye for School Board” to separate these from personal accounts. That way, your campaign accounts can focus solely on the election and why you’re running.

Once you’ve gotten your social media pages up and running, you can use them as a:

  1. Quick, no-cost way to share updates about your campaign, such as a recent endorsement, a “thank you” post to a volunteer for hosting a Zoom house party, or sharing a new video ad.
  2. Channel to ask supporters to RSVP to online or in-person events, making it easier for you to interact directly with voters and follow up with those who were interested, both before and after the event.
  3. Information sharing platform as voters make decisions. Increasingly, voters are gathering information online before they vote, and having a strong social media presence that clearly states your platform is key.
  4. Means of starting conversations with your voters. You can engage voters in conversation by replying to a comment, asking a question in one of your posts, or responding to direct messages you receive. Especially as many in-person events are on pause due to COVID-19 safety measures, these social media accounts are an effective way to recreate those in-person conversations about who you are and why you’re running for office.
  5. Way to share live updates during events. If you are hosting a Zoom fundraising event or a socially distant canvass in the local park, you can leverage these platforms to let your voters know – in real time – where you are, what you are hearing from voters, and how they can join in the fun. 

Campaign Playbook Tip: While the candidate is almost always involved in approving social media photos, posts, and responding to comments, drafting copy and running the account day-to-day is a great task to delegate to an intern or social media volunteer on the campaign. This can help free up more of the candidate’s time!

Looking for more information about what it takes to run for office? Download our e-book designed to walk candidates through the process of running – and winning – their first political campaign.

We are SpeakEasy Political, the leading tool for campaigns and organizations to easily create high-impact digital media and direct mail campaigns.  By leveraging innovative media strategies and our brand building experience, our tech powers Democratic candidates and causes up and down the ballot. SpeakEasy’s Consultant Studio was also built to support consultant teams with leading data, strategic targeting, and comprehensive ad tech to serve as your backend media buying operation.

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