Branding for Your School Board Race

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With the launch of our new product, The Brand Studio, SpeakEasy has expanded our toolkit to help candidates and causes across the country create beautiful, professional campaign logos and brands. This product gives you a campaign logo, brand guide, fonts, and graphics optimally sized to share on social platforms and in your printed and digital advertising.

Since our launch, we’ve added many new campaign logos – each with its own set of guidelines and best practices for making the most of your brand. With over 20,000 candidates running for School Board this year, we have several brands that are specifically designed for maximum impact for School Board candidates. Take a look!

You don’t have to be a teacher to use this template, but the FAVORITE TEACHER suite uses the sweet, simple and nostalgic apple graphic to show that you are the students’ choice for School Board.

Calling to mind the endless imagination unlocked by reading, the BY THE BOOK suite is an optimistic and hopeful logo for a School Board candidate that wants to open the world to students through the magic of education.

Show your community that you are committed to STUDENT SUCCESS all the way to graduation day with this aspirational logo. This suite is for the School Board candidate who wants to ensure that every student makes it to the finish line.

With its clever interlocking graphic of a lightbulb and a classic No. 2 pencil, the BRIGHT IDEA suite shows that as a School Board member, you will take good policy from concept to execution, supporting the students in your community to write their own futures.

If you are considering a run for School Board or already gearing up for your race this November, be sure to check out these new specialized brand guides, as well as all of the others at The Brand Studio. You can even create a more cohesive, memorable campaign brand by utilizing SpeakEasy’s corresponding digital ad and direct mail templates. As you create your media plan, make sure to also check out our tips and tricks for voter targeting in School Board races

We’re looking forward to powering your campaign!

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