Meet the Pets of SpeakEasy!

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Giving new meaning to the term “political animal,” the Pets of SpeakEasy are the real stars of the show! Like many working remotely, the SpeakEasy team has been supported this year by an incredible staff of exceptional pets who provide the support and companionship we’re all missing from being in an office together. Each pet provides their own professional skill set and is an essential member of the team. We’re excited to finally give them the credit they deserve!


Make no bones about it, Derby is the hardest working dog in politics, according to her dad, Kees Nordin, our Director of Down Ballot Strategy. Willing to fetch coffee at all hours and chase down the latest strategy on the campaign trail, she also isn’t afraid to dig up a little dirt on our opponents! 


Standing 18” tall and weighing in at 62 lbs, Dotty is the sturdy anchor that keeps our Director of Production, Katie Painter, grounded when things get busy. Even though her mom lives life in the political fast lane, Dotty’s zen ability to move as little as possible is a stoic reminder to slow down and focus on what’s really important. Getting Democrats elected!


Delilah serves as SpeakEasy’s self-appointed CRO (Chief Relaxation Officer), with a strong emphasis on long walks, snack breaks, and vacation time. She loves the beach and always lets us know when the political tides are turning. When not focused on her passion for effective digital programs or barking during conference calls, Delilah brings calm and joy to her mom, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Isabella Jaye. 


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When the turbulent world of politics throws you a curveball, don’t count on Marley to fetch it for ya (he’s not very good at fetch). He is, however, a strong advocate for free speech, so his mom, our Digital Media Coordinator, Bianca de la Cruz, can always count on Marley to speak his mind and let her know when she needs to take a break from her screen and catch a breath of fresh air.


When he’s not sleeping (which is rare), Jasper loves to soak in the L.A. sunshine, smell – and destroy – the flowers in his backyard. He also sits on our Digital Marketing Manager, Anam Khan’s laptop during peak work hours to make sure he gets all the attention he justly deserves. Jasper likes to represent the customer perspective for the SpeakEasy team, because the customer is always right.


Annie keeps a watchful eye on what’s going on in politics – in the streets and in the spreadsheets! She makes sure her mom, Leah Soffer, Director of Growth Operations and Platform Success, is apprised of the latest trends in campaign marketing. She’s got her nose to the winds of political change, working hard for treats, pats and democratic progress!

As our houses became our offices this year, the SpeakEasy team has learned that support can come from near and far. Seeing each other on video chat every day has kept our human staffers close, even at a distance, and in many ways, deepened our friendships and trust in each other. But we’ve also learned that we still need the presence of love and comfort within physical reach, and we’ve found it – right here in our homes. To all those hard working pets that have given great comfort to their people through tough times this year, SpeakEasy sends virtual pats, head scratches and belly rubs of gratitude. We honestly couldn’t have done it without you. 

We are SpeakEasy Political, the leading tool for campaigns and organizations to easily create high-impact digital media and direct mail campaigns.  By leveraging innovative media strategies and our brand building experience, our tech powers Democratic candidates and causes up and down the ballot. SpeakEasy’s Consultant Studio was also built to support consultant teams with leading data, strategic targeting, and comprehensive ad tech to serve as your backend media buying operation.

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