The Best Time for Your Campaign to Run Search Ads

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Google Search Ads —  text ads that appear when someone searches a specific term such as “November election” or a candidate’s name online  — are an impactful tool to extend the reach of your campaign’s message.

Biden for President Google Search Ad

From Presidential campaigns
to School Board races, Google’s self-service ad platform, Google Ads, is available to political candidates and causes.

Starting to plan your Google Search campaign? Over at SpeakEasy, our team offers free planning resources such as our Google Search drafting template. Google’s Ad Archive is also a useful tool to see how other candidates and causes are leveraging the platform.

As campaigns are planning their programs, one of the most common questions our team gets is when to run Google Search Ads, especially given that the landscape for Search Ads has changed over the past three cycles. Here’s a quick guide for the crucial moments to consider placing Search Ads:

Campaign launches

Build on all of the effort and countless hours you invested in your campaign’s launch by coordinating a Google Search Ad campaign. Search is a powerful way to capitalize on the buzz since your community will likely be searching your name when they drive by your lawn sign on a neighbor’s lawn or see your announcement shared on social media. You can spread your message to a broader audience, and even bring in some donations.

When ballots are dropped

As Election Day approaches, Official Voters Guides and ballots will be dropped in the mail. Chances are there are quite a few undecided voters — and these folks may rely on internet searches to compare candidates. Having Search Ads around elections and voting keywords live during this key time will help drive these undecided voters to your website.

Supplementing earned/borrowed media

When local or national outlets feature you on TV or in print, Search Ads can help propel the attention on your campaign even further. Search Ads can also share more of your message with potential voters. 

Supplementing other paid media channels

Lastly, when your campaign invests in other forms of paid media such as persuasion or Get Out The Vote ads, consider running Search Ads. Some viewers in your paid media audience will want to visit your website to learn more about your campaign. Search Ads will help them get to your website instead of an opponent’s website or news articles. 

Our team is standing by to support the candidates and campaign teams who are stepping up to run. Should you have any questions — or if there is anything our team can do to support your media planning — we’ve included the option to book a time to chat here:

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