[June Edition] What We’re Reading: Media Trends for Campaigns

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With a quickly-evolving media landscape, SpeakEasy is helping campaigns and causes understand how these shifts impact political campaigns up and down the ballot.

In May, our team launched a new blog series — “What We’re Reading”— to bring the latest in digital trends to Democratic campaigns across the country. (In case you missed it, check out our first edition here.)

This monthly series features the top articles recommended by our team. And please feel free to let us know in the comments what you’re reading!

Big Tech rolls back misinformation measures ahead of 2024 — With changes in policy and enforcement likely to continue into 2024, we’re closely watching the news around social media companies. Their decisions are likely to impact all political advertising, from School Board to U.S. Senate. This helpful breakdown details changes around YouTube’s election integrity policy, Spotify’s political ads policy, and Hulu’s new political issue ads policy.

Roku Rolls Out New Ad Formats To Reach Ad-Free Viewers — one of the most common questions we hear around the Connected TV/OTT space is, “what if my target audience isn’t watching ad-supported content?” In their latest update, Roku is attempting to counter this inherent scale challenge by introducing ad units that reach viewers on their home screen before they start watching, regardless of whether or not they pay to skip the ads.

Europeans Take a Major Step Toward Regulating A.I. —  A.I. remains in the news and the conversation continues around its impact on political advertising, not just in the US. The draft of the European law, currently known as the A.I. Act, includes regulations around data privacy and disclosures.

Whether You’re on It or Not, 2024 Will Be the TikTok Election — As campaigns ramp up for 2023 and 2024, social media presence is top-of-mind. Our team enjoyed reading this piece in Campaigns & Elections about how content creation needs and formats are being shaped by the current social media landscape. Our takeaway: gone are the days of just producing one 30-second ad. Successful campaigns are creating a wide variety of different content tailored to where the voter will view it.

From ‘The Crown’ to ‘The Diplomat’: 12 Best Political Series on Netflix Right Now — And for those of us who can’t get enough political content, check out this roundup of shows to add to your “to watch” queue on Netflix!

Our team is standing by to support the candidates and campaign teams who are stepping up to run. Should you have any questions — or if there is anything our team can do to support your media planning — we’ve included the option to book a time to chat here:

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