Looking Ahead: Logos & Design for 2023 Candidates

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As 2022 comes to a close, political campaigns are ramping up ahead of crucial 2023 election dates. From school boards to State Legislatures, there are thousands of important state and local elections taking place next year — proving that there are truly no off years in politics!

This year at SpeakEasy, we launched The Brand Studio to serve candidates with easy-to-customize political brand kits. Already being used across the country, our Brand Studio is a marketplace of professionally designed campaign logos and brand guides. Campaign teams can select a design, customize it with their information, and then receive a personalized logo, as well as campaign colors, fonts, and brand guide.


2022 beta testers have used The Brand Studio to quickly and cost-effectively craft custom brands as a starting point for walk cards, social media graphics, and signs. While a traditional brand guide can be time-consuming and costly — our goal when we first built this new product was to make it as easy as possible for candidates and progressive causes to launch their campaigns with a seamless brand, without a prohibitively high upfront investment.

A strong brand is not only an important part of a campaign launch — but it also works to help create name ID and campaign message recognition. More and more, the conversation is shifting to how logos and brands can help campaigns stand out. For example, a lawn sign with an eye-catching and clear logo will help build your visibility in your community more effectively if that logo is synched with the rest of your campaign materials.

In recognition of the next wave of campaign launches, our team is excited to offer this new product for the rest of the year at a 15% reduced rate (just use code DESIGN2022 at checkout).  And we’re always standing by to chat should you run into any questions or want to learn more about our suite of digital and mail products — just shoot us a note at [email protected] or book a time to talk below. And from our whole team: happy campaigning and thank you to all of the 2023 candidates stepping up to run in this critical year!

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