Closing out 2022 with our favorite blogs for 2023!

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As we kick off 2023, we wanted to share a round-up of 2022’s most viewed blogs for anyone doing a little start-of-the-year reading!

Check them out below:

School Board Campaigns at Any Budget: Join our Head of Client Strategy, Kees Nordin, for a rundown of school board budget and media planning scenarios for campaigns of all sizes. These budgets take into account different fundraising and field strategies — and offer a variety of scenarios for budgeting for direct mail and digital media campaigns.

School Board Targeting 101: As 2023 school board campaigns across the country ramp up this spring, check out this blog detailing targeting strategies tailored to school board candidates. This quick read covers everything from focusing on vote history to messaging on the issues that directly impact your community.

If Fonts Could Talk: Whether you’re considering your logo, lawn sign, or mailpiece design — fonts are an important part of the conversation about telling an impactful visual story. If you’re looking to learn more about how fonts help communicate your message and tone, don’t miss this blog featuring a run down of the most commonly used fonts in political campaigns. 

How to Boost a Post on Facebook in 6 Steps: Facebook boosted posts are a proven means of amplifying your organic content and getting in front of voters. Our media team broke down the steps to launching a boosted post in this top blog of 2022 for candidates looking to add a Facebook/Meta media strategy to their voter contact plan.

Retargeting for Political Campaigns: Your Questions Answered: As digital targeting regulations and best practices shift, “retargeting” users who have visited your website or engaged with your content can be a powerful tool for increasing name and message recognition. If you’re considering adding this strategy to your targeting toolbox, check out this blog answering some of the most common questions about retargeting. 

Digital Campaigning Takeaways from the 2022 Midterms: And finally, our team aggregated some of the biggest takeaways from the midterms. We looked at how these learnings impacted 2022 and how they can be used to help 2023 and 2024 candidates optimize their digital strategies. 


And as we move into 2023, our team is standing by to support the candidates and campaign teams who are stepping up to run. Should you have any questions — or if there is anything our team can do to support your media planning — we’ve included the option to book a time to chat here:

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