Pathway to Victory: Stay Strong

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With only days left until the election, we have a clear message for you: STAY STRONG! Now is the time to buckle down and kick all your efforts into high gear. Our team here at SpeakEasy believes in you and has helped power your campaign, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you believe in yourself! Below you’ll find some tips on how to make sure you have the energy to push through these last days of the election cycle with the strength and energy you started the race with.

We’re sharing a few of the tips you’ll find in 101 Steps to Victory: A How-To Guide for First-Time Political Candidates. This free e-book outlines the 101 most important things a first-time candidate needs to know to keep their campaign on the path to victory. And check back with the SpeakEasier blog in the days and weeks ahead for more of our 101 Steps to Victory.

Did you remember to recharge today? 

Whether it’s exercise, meditation, or going to Zoom church/temple/mosque, we’re serious. Really great candidates are serious about “centering” themselves every day so they have the energy and focus they need to succeed. Sorry we used the word “centering,” but we’re from California, so we have a good excuse. But whatever you want to call it — do something every day that clears your mind and gets you ready to campaign hard and well.

Did you read your kids a bedtime story? 

This campaign has been a sacrifice not only for you but also your whole family. Don’t forget to do one thing a day that keeps you connected to them — and keeps them connected to you.

Why are we spending so much time talking about you — not the campaign?

Because we know from experience the secret to winning campaigns is focused, dedicated, hardworking candidates. It’s funny in a way—candidates frequently think political consultants can be the key to success or failure. They think there is a secret to winning. Here is the secret — you read it here first — the secret is you. If you want this, you can do it. But you need to do your homework, walk those precincts, make those fundraising calls, get up early, stay up late, stay positive, and always stay focused. You are the difference between winning and losing.

What if you make a mistake? 

If you are running a strong campaign, you are going to make a mistake. Because if you are running a strong campaign, you will be in front of voters so frequently that at least one mistake will happen. Correct it and move on. Don’t let it stay in the back of your mind and prevent you from campaigning.

Have fun. 

Seriously — have fun. Think about candidates like President Bill Clinton — love him or hate him — who, on the campaign trail, clearly enjoyed meeting with voters from all walks of life. Try to find the joy in what you do. It will make it all much easier.

Public service is hard work, and campaigning can be brutal. But now more than ever, it’s critical that more of us become involved in our political system. So thank you for putting yourself out there to fight for causes and policies that matter to our communities.

PRO TIP: Have a log of your campaign staff’s go-to coffee orders and favorite treats. If you are struggling, odds are they are as well. Performing small acts of kindness go a long way!

Looking for more information about what it takes to run for office? Download our e-book designed to walk candidates through the process of running – and winning – their first political campaign. And be sure to check out more from our Pathway to Victory series!pl

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