Syncing Your Mail and Digital Programs

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Consistent campaign branding through direct mail and digital advertising is an essential aspect of communicating with your audience – educating, persuading, and turning out voters. Here at SpeakEasy, we’ve got your multi-channel campaign advertising strategy covered with a variety of matching mail and digital ad suites. With our professionally designed templates, you can ensure your message and aesthetic are consistent across all channels throughout your campaign. Read more to learn how to build your multi-channel program from the ground up:


3 Simple Tips for Building a Multi-Channel Campaign

  1. USE CONSISTENT MESSAGING – Make sure that your values, aspirations for office, and the key components of your platform are consistent in both your print and digital advertising.
  2. HAVE A GREAT HEADSHOT – Be sure to use a high quality, recent headshot across your campaign communications. For print media, your photo file needs to be 300+ dpi (dots per inch), in order to look crisp and clear in the finished product. For more best practices on taking the perfect campaign headshot, check out this blog post.
  3. BE BUDGET SMART – When you are fundraising and building a campaign budget, take into consideration the cost of both digital and print campaigns and plan to wisely distribute your resources throughout the duration of your campaign. This is true whether your budget is $5,000 or $50,000. Our free Mail and Digital Ad Planner can help you maximize your budget, no matter its size.

How to Build Your a Multi-Channel Campaign Strategy

We’ve broken down our process into a few simple steps. Here’s what we recommend:


1. MAP IT OUT – It’s helpful to think of your campaign as a series of phases where you communicate your evolving campaign narrative to voters. Beginning with your Election Day and moving backwards in time, map out when these phases start and end.

2. MAP OUT YOUR MAIL PIECES – Once you have these phases, and a good idea of your campaign budget, you can schedule when mail pieces will hit households. Again, be sure to start from Election Day and move backwards, so you can ensure there is enough time for your mail piece to get to households. We’d recommend the goal of each mail piece to align with the phase of your campaign. For example, make sure your bio mail piece falls into the phase of your campaign where you are introducing yourself to voters. Similarly, a piece touting your latest endorsement should hit during the persuasion phase, since your overall message during that phase will be about why voters should vote for you. 

3. REINFORCE YOUR MESSAGE WITH DIGITAL  Lastly, align the corresponding digital ad campaigns to your mail pieces. We’d recommend the same strategy here. Make sure the goal of each digital ad aligns with the corresponding phase of your campaign.

By mapping your messaging plan across your campaign in this way, you can ensure that your voters will be hearing from you through different channels with the same message at the same time. For example, if you want to send a policy-focused mail piece, you can also launch a 4-week corresponding digital ad campaign that starts the week before the mail piece hits mailboxes, increasing the odds that your voters have seen the ad and will be familiar with your message before reading your mail piece.


How can SpeakEasy help you align mail and digital efforts?

With SpeakEasy, you can easily set up your digital and mail program in minutes. Once you have built out your media plan or received one from our pros and are ready to launch your campaign, you can simply sign on, build your media, and launch.


Using our Mail and Digital Planner, we can help you build your advertising plan from your initial introduction to voters all the way through Election Day. As always, through our partnership with TargetSmart, best-in-class voter data is available to all Democratic campaigns up and down the ballot. We can also target directly from your campaign’s list of supporters.

Want to learn more about political media best practices? Check out our ebooks!

We are SpeakEasy Political, the leading tool for campaigns and organizations to easily create high-impact digital media and direct mail campaigns.  By leveraging innovative media strategies and our brand building experience, our tech powers Democratic candidates and causes up and down the ballot. SpeakEasy’s Consultant Studio was also built to support consultant teams with leading data, strategic targeting, and comprehensive ad tech to serve as your backend media buying operation.

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